Breastfeeding baby photo

Most common benefits of breastfeeding:

  • Beastfeeding builds immunity
    is full of antibodies that fight germs
  • helps baby`s brain grow and is a natural source of ARA and DHA
  • helps improve their IQs
  • helps protect babies from ear infections, diarrhea, colds, allergies and obesity
  • may also protect against certain childhood diseases
  • enjoy an intensified mother-child relationship
  • breastfeeding is your baby’s first immunization.

Mothers who Breastfed:

  • for a lifetime total of 2 years have 40% reduced risk of developing breast cancer
    D. M. Layde “Journal of Clinical Epidemiology” 42(1989):763-773
  • have a reduced risk of developing ovarian cancer
    K. E. Brock “Medical Journal of Australia” 160(1989):125-130
  • experience less osteoporosis later in life
    S. R. Cummings & J. L. Kelsey, Epidemiologic Review” 7(1986):178-203

“We know that breastfeeding gives babies complete nutrition plus immunological benefits to launch them on a healthy life.”
C. Everett Koop,M.D. Former Surgeon General

“We believe human milk is nutritionally superior to formula, . . . the overall nutritional superiority of human milk remains unchallenged.”
American Academy of Pediatric & Canadian Pediatric Society

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